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This is really great.

I was listening to many of your tracks last night and was really excited to see this new addition, and it is my opinion that this one will be more sucsessful than Processor was; and I feel this is your best track yet. All your audio portal stuff should have lyric free instrumental versions available like this one; It makes for a better song to use in a flash animation. In fact, there's a 1 in 4 chance that I'd want to use this track in my next animation.

Gporev responds:

Thanks man, i would be excedingly pleased if you used this in a animation. And i entirely agree that the instrumentals work better in flash, but i couldnt resist posting a couple w/lyrics. Glad you liked it, and thanks for the feedback.

a nice dark active ska track

I am seriously considering using this in my Pico day flash submission. It's fast paced, has a dark overtone that’s hard to find in ska. The horns are epic as hell, and the fact that it is not dominated by lyrics that potentially get in the way of a flash animation makes it an amazing piece for a flash artist to work with. It builds up at the end of the audio for a nice epic climax.

You should find yourself a band.

You are a prety decent drumer. It was a nice breakbeat rythem. However you 'ought to find someone with some decent recording equipment, or steal some from school, so that the poor mic quality doesnt make youre recording sound so hollow, distant, and well, bad. It works as a drum rythem, but really needs instrumentals over it. You should find yourself a band. i can tell you put forth the effort, but its just lacking, and no one could ever use this in their flash cartoon producively, unless they were trying to have audio of someone just learning the drums. Keep at the audio game, and dont give up. You have alot of potential.


I do have a band. WE are called Jolly Roger. We tried to record but you can only hear noise. Which sucks. Though, my guitarists teacher says if we get a little better we can use his recording studio!!!!
w00t1!!11!! Look for it soon! ALso i only have a basic drumset with only 1 cymbal cause i can't afford better shit... :'(
Oh well :/

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