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Quirky but really fun.

At first my impression was what a piece of shit, but when then you begin to appreciate the strange aesthetic and style. and it's really very fun, once you get to know the timing of the rainbow puke. Great game!

Awesome soundtrack too.

nice idea, has potential.

fun, and potentially addictive, but frustrating waiting for the colector colors to spin and its too hard to sync that up. It would be much more engaging of a game if i could control the speed and direction of the spin, with some arrow keys or something. That way you can move around & position yourself, and the game of eat or be eaten becomes less about timing and more about surviving. \

unfortunately, with its current setup my high score on medium is only 700. And so I lack the patience to continue playing. Keep practicing, you'll get a hit one day!

Space invaders?

i scored 1350. Not very original, cool graphics, you might want to add some bonus point things like the spaceships in the original, and i would space the fireing out a lil slower.

I have waited a while...

never thought i would actualy see it on the portal. Seemed like it was just as hard as you expected it to be. You didnt add a preloader. Tisk tisk. Luckily i have a fast conection. It is still void of alot of animation, seems very slow paced. Recordings are unclear and general movie geared too much toward nationality. It ends way to abruptly and as i have said before, the jokes need work. i was happy to see you cleaned up the classroom scene, but you still have a long way to go before you have a front page product.

I have always been a fan of your work

Its all realy grear stuff. my personal favorite is the "eye with the tear" done in flash. I love how you have a distict style, and i can see a theme in the way you draw. Yure definately an artist 'cause you doodle on everything. Maybe i should make a submission like this, huh? Nice selection of music to listen too also..

Plese draw me in the Forum

RegisCartoons responds:

ArtistJ, I'm proud that you're fan of my work. And I'm really proud that my drawing thread inspired you to create yours. You're doing quite well on it. Still page 17 ? There are some (not some, many of them) awesome portraits of BBS users. I like your drawing style also. Keep workin', buddy !

fun game

but penguins dont fly...

I never knew

Tux could jump better than super mario

Awesome game! so much fun

I wish i could submit my high score to the list

but the list does not work. id check how you have that rigged up. I scored 185 on heard on my first try though, fun, but causes carple tunnel syndrome. good job!

what the hell is squishy anyway?

this is intresting... although kinda borring and well perplexing. i dont understand what you were trying to acomplish, and thereby didnbt like the style. you put alot of work into the animation though, and thats refreshing. what the hell is squishy anyway?


man you must be a 3dstudio junkie... or maya, or lightwave... or what software... did you use... I dont know exactly. Um actualy you didnt sumbmit much stuff. There wasnt much there. granted what was there was great... but its just a few objects. and well as someone who knows the workings of programs such as those you listed i dont think its anything special... but definately makes a good portfolio piece. Um. Goodluck finding someone to work on a game with, because you've got some skill... and too many people who make games well, they have no skill in art, just actionscript. Im sure you'll make a great game with someone one day.

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